Australia's leading online wine and food travel guide – top features

Win a flight over Melbourne to lunch in the Yarra Valley! »

Plus Hunter Valley wine, a Tasmanian gourmet taste pack and more

Australia's leading online wine and food travel guide – top features

Win a fantastic flight over Melbourne and the Yarra Valley with a vineyard lunch or wine from Glenguin, a hidden Hunter Valley gem. New this month are a mouthwatering Tasmanian taste pack of hand-smoked fish with matching cool-climate wine and a brand new wine guide (that isn't one) plus the fantastic journey to the best restaurants around the around the globe. From the Yarra to the Hunter and the waters of the Southern Ocean and around the world, these wonderful wine, food and travel prizes could be yours! »

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Discover Australian wine and drinks

McLaren Vale joins global alliance to protect wine place names »

Newest member welcomed at Vinexpo 2017

Discover Australian wine and drinks

Leadership from the world’s premier wine regions hosted a tasting event today at Vinexpo 2017 to welcome three new members to the Joint Declaration to Protect Wine Place & Origin including the South Australian wine region of McLaren Vale »


Explore Australia's wine and food regions

Tips from a travelling Tasmanian – experience Hobart history and Tasmanian beverages »

All on a short walk around the city's waterfront

Explore Australia's wine and food regions

A walking tour anywhere will open your eyes and imagination to the sights, smells, tastes and feel of a place. A tour in your home town certainly gives you a richer perspective on where you live. For visitors to Hobart on a short stay, it’s an ideal way to discover the wealth of stories around the city’s historic waterfront and by choosing the Alcohol History of Hobart walking tour, it’s also how to send your tastebuds even further afield »


Food, cooking and dining finds

A welcome focus on one pan cooking and minimal washing up »

In One Pan Roasts by Molly Shuster

Food, cooking and dining finds

In One Pan RoastsMolly Shuster, a freelance food stylist, writer and recipe developer, provides 80 incredibly simple recipes aimed at busy people. For those who don’t enjoy the endless washing up that often follows a delicious meal, this book has a welcome focus »


Seasonal gems from our website

A book about cheese: Milk. Made by Nick Haddow »

How to choose, serve and eat it – and make it

Seasonal gems from our website

Milk. Made is an elegant and comprehensive tour of the art of cheese-making and eating – from selecting cultures, to the practices of production that cross continents, right through to how to eat it and the best cheese recipes to enjoy »

Wine and food calendar

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Australian and NZ wine and food events. Click here to view by month, State and region »

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