Australia's leading online wine and food travel guide – top features

Win Pig in the House organic wine from the NSW Central Highlands »

Two excellent wine books and a brand new book from Stephanie Alexander

Australia's leading online wine and food travel guide – top features

Along with the fine organic wine from Pig in the House, we have three brand new and brilliant books. New stories are uncovered in an excellent book on the long Hunter Valley wine history and a not-so-fancy-pants modern guide to wine brings a smile to our face with some wine tips as well! Stephanie Alexander needs no introduction but her latest classic book is just that. Aimed at the inexperienced cooks, it's an introduction to the adventure of cooking and will soon have novices cooking and enjoying their time in the kitchen!

Enter now to win the Pig in the House wine, Hunter Wine. A History., Everything Happens for a Riesling or The Cook's Apprentice »

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Discover Australian wine and drinks

Vermouth is a wine, not a spirit. Ever wondered why you would drink it neat? »

It's a question answered in The Book of Vermouth

Discover Australian wine and drinks

Bartender Shaun Byrne and winemaker Giles Lapalus celebrate the world's greatest, and perhaps most misunderstood, aperitif in their new book, The Book of Vermouth. It's a comprehensive look at a what is not, as commonly thought, a spirit, but a wine. To start your vermouth adventure Shaun Byrne explains why you should try drinking vermouth neat »


Explore wine and food regions

Enjoy the Top 10 experiences in Victoria's High Country this spring »

New ways to welcome back the warm in this picturesque wine and food region

Explore wine and food regions

North-east Victoria’s High Country is welcoming back the warm with a range of brand new ways to taste, traipse and trundle through some of regional Australia’s most Insta-worthy countryside and picture perfect villages »


Food, cooking and dining finds

Enjoy an authentic Dutch Feast with Emily Wight »

With the renaissance in gin, try modern Dutch food to soak it up!

Food, cooking and dining finds

In the same way that British, Scandinavian, and German food have undergone a renaissance in recent years, Dutch cuisine is going to be the next big thing, according to writer and blogger Emily Wight. Her new cookbook re-imagines traditional Dutch cooking, with an emphasis on the ways that simple meals bring joy and comfort to the people who share them »


Seasonal gems from our website

Discover New Pizza with Stefano Manfredi »

And enjoy a whole new era for the world's favourite food

Seasonal gems from our website

Pizza is probably the world’s most popular fast food and we think we know everything about it, don’t we? Wrong! Pizza is becoming better, healthier and tastier, in a movement similar to the change from industrialised white bread towards artisan loaves with natural leavening and specialist flours. This ‘new pizza’ movement is the subject of the latest book from Stefano Manfredi, New Pizza »

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Australian and NZ wine and food events. Click here to view by month, State and region »

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