Australia's leading online wine and food travel guide – top features

Win a Tasmanian gourmet taste pack and more »

Including James Halliday's latest Wine Companion

Australia's leading online wine and food travel guide – top features

Win a mouthwatering Tasmanian taste pack of hand-smoked fish from Woodbridge Smokehouse matched with award-winning cool-climate wine from Pipers Brook. Plus we have the just published edition of Halliday Wine Companion 2018 and a brand new wine guide (that isn't one). Turkish Meze is a favourite and a great introduction to that country's sharing traditions. Enter now and you could win these delicious food and wine packs or outstanding wine guides »

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Discover Australian wine and drinks

Do you choose your food first? Do your wine choices fit your lifestyle? Check out This Is Not a Wine Guide »

Chris Morrison has written a book to stand out – and it does

Discover Australian wine and drinks

This Is Not A Wine Guide is packed with information and advice to help you get the most out of your wine experience, whether it's cracking a bottle for a barbecue or navigating a wine list in a restaurant. And it's written with a whole new approach – putting food and your lifestyle first »


Explore Australia's wine and food regions

Hedonistic Hiking launches a new Italian tour »

Through beautiful Northern Tuscany and historic Ravenna

Explore Australia's wine and food regions

Want to go hiking in Italy but don't know where to start? Our friends at Hedonistic Hiking have announced a new Italian tour In Northern Tuscany and Ravenna for 2018, including wine tastings, olive sampling, gourmet meals and culinary delights like the October chestnut festival »


Food, cooking and dining finds

Recipe: Enjoy these delicious Slow Baked Apples from One Pan Roasts »

A simple fruit dessert that you can use as the basis for many other dishes too

Food, cooking and dining finds

It's amazing what deliciously simple dishes you can create with just one pan, an oven, and One Pan Roasts for inspiration. This book gives you simple options for all courses, not just meat. Here's a simple fruit dessert, it's a recipe for Slow Baked Apples, aka caramelised apples »


Seasonal gems from our website

Extend your Beef and Potatoes repertoire with French chef Jean–Francois Mallet »

200 classic and modern recipes for the perfect steak and chips, and so much more.

Seasonal gems from our website

Not just a book about steak and chips – although what is not to love about that combination? – but many recipes to inspire and re-create from these two staples, that will expand your daily repertoire and may take you to new culinary heights. »

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