Making it easy – finding the perfect cookbook for Mothers' Day 2011

Does mum love to cook? Here are some culinary gift suggestions

By Robyn Lewis

April 02nd, 2011


There’s no doubt that many of today’s mums feel overwhelmed and under pressure.

With less extended-family support, more women at work, more demands on our time, and more activities for our kids, life for many mothers is a hectic treadmill that can start even before the arrival of our firstborn, and which scarcely ceases from early morning to collapse into bedtime, for decades.

Few indeed are the ‘kept mothers’ of yesteryear, fewer still with the luxury of nannies.

Add to that the ‘me-time’ mentality so prevalent in the West today and really it’s a surprise that more mothers don’t fall in a heap. Fathers feel unsupported, too.

There is however one day of the year that shines like a beacon to mothers around the globe, and that’s Mother’s Day. Our little darlings make us gifts, perhaps of cardboard, paint and glitter, and practice their best handwriting on cards they may make themselves, that touch our hearts and become keepsakes in our treasure chests. The love and cuteness goes a long way.

Some also buy us gifts, or send out dad to search. Hint to fathers: we don’t want power tools thanks, and although we might need a new vacuum cleaner it really isn’t going to win you too many points, either. Clothes or other vouchers are an old standby, but where’s the thought in that? And mum still has to go and redeem them herself – just another thing to do, before they expire…..

Buying for mums who love to cook, however, is just about to become easier.

Faced with a wall of cookbook titles in the bookstore or online? We’ve put together a list of cookbooks for Mother’s Day gifts that should help any dad or child select the perfect title to make their mum happy this year.

And if you get in early, there are plenty of bargains around, if budget is an issue (or save the balance for the always-appreciated bunch of flowers and/or Mother’s Day lunch).

Click on the links for a full description and information on where to buy.


Mum’s a beginner in the kitchen:

A few oldies but goodies are great here, including


Mum’s not a bad cook but she’s keen to update her cooking style and be more adventurous:


Mum could go on MasterChef – and she’s good enough to win:

If your mother is already a fabulous cook, well, lucky you! But perhaps mum hasn’t got 4 spare months to enter a TV competition, or isn’t fit or mad enough to sprint kilometres through Paris in search of ingredients? If she’s keen to outcook the contestants without a TV camera poked in her face, then these might appeal – certainly the family will appreciate the results.


Mum’s keen on regional Australia and getting in touch with our fabulous produce and producers:

There’s a lot of choice in this area, but you have to know where to look, and it’s not usually in your local bookshop. Try here on instead, and click on the links for information about where to buy or order (including some special offers for subscribers).


Mum’s into the environment, and/or organics:


Mum’s into healthy and natural, maybe even vegetarian:


Mum’s more time-poor than Julia Gillard:


Mum likes to dream about (or travel to) faraway places:


Mum wants to learn about food and wine matching:


Mum likes fine art and/or fine food, and has the time and skills to match:

Even the best cooks love new ideas and inspiration, however, and she should find some here. Especially good if mum is a chef.


One other thing I’d recommend for a mum who loves to cook, but whose saucepan collection is perhaps getting a little tired, is to buy her one or more of the new generation of non-stick saucepans or frypans, along with a new silicon spatula and spoon so it doesn’t get scratched.

You mum may not think of getting one herself, but believe me, they make such a difference. Team those with one of the cookbooks above, and you have the perfect culinary gift, anytime of the year.

But most of all on Mother’s Day, what mum most appreciates is a little of your time and love – in person, or on the phone if you are far away.


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