Slow Food by Jared Ingersoll

Traditional recipes with a twist

By Laura McKinnon
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Slow Food by Jared Ingersoll

Slow Food by Jared Ingersoll


Jared Ingersoll is the owner of Danks Street Depot, an establishment known for its delicious food made with high quality produce; a result of his desire to source 'the best local, seasonal and sustainable food'. This book includes recipes from his previous two books and Danks Street Depot classics and favourites.

Slow Food is an extensive cookbook. Jared Ingersoll’s passion for cooking and produce shines through. There are some traditional recipes, some with a twist, and more challenging recipes for the chef at heart. What this cookbook achieves is a nice balance between classic and contemporary cooking.

The cookbook is categorised into bakery, dairy, poultry shop, butcher, fishmonger, greengrocer, fruit basket and pantry. The organisation of the book in such a manner works well. If you feel like a meat dish you can open to the butcher chapter. Feel like fruit? You can open up to the fruit basket section. The book caters to mood cooking nicely.

There are some deliciously simple recipes including eggy bread with butter and honey, doughnuts, brie baked in red wine, omelette with goat’s cheese and basil, and banana jam to name a few. There are also a quite a few more involved recipes like preserved octopus salad with olives and fennel, lamb shoulder and cardamom curry, and brined and roasted quails with agresto sauce. And the desserts  include vanilla panna cotta with fruit, vanilla custard ice cream, drunken aunties’ plum trifle and lemon and mint granita. There are a substantial amount of recipes to choose from, and one for every taste and occasion.

Ingersoll also shares chef’s hints and tips after some recipes and provides basic recipes for dressings and sauces. Most importantly he shares his recipe for the perfect fries and the best chocolate cake recipe that he knows, both personal favourites in this house. The chocolate cake in particular while not looking particularly pretty was a delight to eat.

Slow Food is presented well and is written in a clear and detailed manner making instructions easy to follow. If I was to level any criticism at the book it is that every recipe is not accompanied by an image of how the dish should look. However, this can be overlooked by the fact that if every recipe in this book did have an accompanying image, the book would be twice as thick.


Slow Food written by Jared Ingersoll is published by Murdoch Books (2011, RRP A$45.00).

Slow Food is available via Booko here »



  • Sydney (NSW)

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August 25th, 2011
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