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Island Curries range

Island Curries range

Island Curries range


These refreshingly tasty pastes from Island Curries in Tasmania are more than just gourmet traditional curries in a pack. They're 100% flavour and delicious as marinades and sauces as well. subscribers who buy three or more online will receieve a bonus tomato curry paste pack – yum!

 Find yourself reaching for the curry jars at the supermarket when there's not enough time to spend with spices, herbs and your food processor? Then rather disappointed with the resulting flavour, quick as it may have been to prepare?

Then try this range of preservative and gluten free curry pastes from Island Curries. They're full of flavour and not full of things like  artificial additives, colourings, MSG, bulking or filling agents and it's so easy to whip up a wonderful curry with these packs with simple to follow directions.

Many of the aromatic spices such as coriander seeds, cumin seeds, cardamom seeds and pepper corns are ground just before the paste is mixed making the flavours as fresh as humanly possible. Plus they're mild to start with as you customise the heat as you cook which makes them child-friendly as well.

Each packet will make two family sized curries – all you need is meat, an onion or two, chilli powder and yoghurt (low fat) and 2 tablespoons of your selected Island Curries paste.

There are seven distinct favours to choose from:

  1. Beef: Madras style.
  2. Lamb : khorma style and won a gold medal at the 2011 Royal Hobart Show Fine Food Awards.
  3. Chicken: achaari style, from the Southern Indian region of Hyderabad.
  4. Vegetable: versatile flavoursome, perfect for non-vegetarians as well!
  5. Fish: can be made into a sauce with yoghurt and drizzled over cooked fish or used in a traditional curry.
  6. Vindaloo: classic Goan Vindaloo
  7. Tomato: seeded paste, quite different to the other curries and again, very versatile.

Given the time of year, you might think curries are too hot to be thinking about but when you get the kebabs ready for your next BBQ, try mixing a curry paste with yoghurt and using it as a marinade. And curried eggs will be all the tastier if you add a dollop or two of these pastes!

So note down your your special promotional code ICVV001 (ICVV zero zero one) and go to the Island Curries online shop »  

Buy three or more pastes and Rob will include a bonus Tomato Curry Paste!


Note: Island Curries reserves the right to check your status as subscriber.

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December 10th, 2012
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