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By Laura McKinnon
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<i>Corsica: The Recipes</i> By Nicolas Stromboni

Corsica: The Recipes By Nicolas Stromboni [©Smith Street Books ]


This beautiful book celebrates all that is Corsican: the people, the geography and, most importantly, the food.

While Corsica might be best known as the birth place of Napoleon Bonaparte, it is so much more than that.

Glorious photography throughout the book transports you to the island of Corsica where you'll come to understand the important role producing and consuming food has played in the culture of this Mediterranean island. It's an island rich in citrus fruits, grapes, chestnuts, cheese, herbs, fish, seafood and charcuterie.

The 80 incredible Corsican recipes are designed to be prepared in the home kitchen. Divided into chapters including

  • The Pig in Corsica
  • Meat
  • Cheese
  • Fruits of the Sea
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Desserts,
  • Basics and
  • Corsican Wines,

you get a real taste and feel for the traditional foods and the significance they play in island life.

Each of Corsica's eight sections also has at least one portrait page highlighting the life of a food producer who helps create the island's quintessential food cuisine.

The opening chapter of Corsica begins with its history and the importance of the pig. As Corsica started as a predominantly agricultural island with limited resources, people learnt how to frugally preserve the meat from animals such as pigs to ensure it lasted throughout the non-producing seasons.

As more modern practices have evolved fewer families slaughter their own pigs but there is still a strong tradition of using charcuterie produced locally from Corsican pigs. Recipes showing this tradition include Lentils and Figatelli, Beans and Sausage and Pork Terrine.

Living in a coastal town, I particularly enjoyed the aspirational photography and recipes in the Fruits of  the Sea chapter. The Stuffed Oysters recipe has provided a fantastic alternative to our traditional Kilpatrick and even converted a couple of traditionally non oyster-eating friends!

The array of baked desserts on offer has also been very well received, our favourite being the E Fappe, similar to a citrus donut and best eaten warm.

After reading and cooking from this book, the beautiful island of Corsica will surely feature at the top of your holiday plans. After all, it's a destination offering the best of France, Italy, and the Mediterranean all combined into one holiday and taste sensation.

Corsica: The Recipes also makes a great gift for the seasoned traveler or those looking to explore a new world of food.

Read more in the press release here »

and see links below for recipes from the book.

Corsica  – The Recipes by Nicolas Stromboni is published by Smith Street Books (Melb,Oct 2017; Hb; 308pp; RRP A$59.99) and is distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Simon & Schuster.

It is available in good bookshops and can also purchased online via »


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September 23rd, 2018
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