Italy - Explore Italy in pictures

By Tricia Brown
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ITALY - Explore the World in Pictures

ITALY - Explore the World in Pictures [©Insight Illustrated]

From the snow-capped Alpine peaks to the sun-drenched beaches of Sicily, the Adriatic and Riviera, the lovely Tuscan hill country to the Apennine Mountains, Italy's scenic diversity has lured travellers for centuries.

Add to that the land's vast cultural riches, distinctively laid-back Italian lifestyle, and regional culinary marvels that comprise Italian cuisine, and it's no wonder why Italy has an established hold on the top of people's "dream vacation" lists. "Italy is probably not so much a country as a state of being." With this thought in mind, the publishers "hope to give you all sorts of inducements for seeing a 'new' Italy with this book."

Italy, which is part of a series of books designed for exploring the most fascinating countries and regions on the planet, is arranged in chapters devoted to a region complete with an atlas making it easy to "discover Italy in all its diversity". The index links the picture section to the map entry and has symbols explaining the sight by type e.g. Renaissance church, palace, active volcano. What makes this travel guide invaluable is that here you will also find internet addresses listed for the sights making for easy and quick access to more updated information.

With over 250 stunning photographs, a 20 page atlas section, practical tips for tourists and websites for top attractions, this book combines spectacular colour photos with fascinating text to capture the essence of this extraordinary land that is Italy. So pull up a chair by the fire and explore Italy in pictures, dream of la Mamma's pasta and sip on a pleasing Chianti Classico. This book is an ideal gift for any occasion.


 Italy Insight Fascinating Earth is published by APA Publications (2008; hb) RRP $38.95. Subscribers and Members of and Winepros Archive can purchase Italy Insight Fascinating Earth from our book partners Seekbooks at 12.5% discount off RRP (postage extra).


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November 06th, 2009
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