What are the Seven Deadly Sins and One Very Naughty Fruit?!

Mikey Robins, comedian, raconteur and self-confessed lover of food tells all

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<i>Seven deadly sins and one very naughty fruit</i> by Mikey Robins

Seven deadly sins and one very naughty fruit by Mikey Robins [©Simon & Schuster Australia]


Mikey Robins, comedian, raconteur and self-confessed lover of food has written a laugh-out-loud, witty and irreverent romp through the history of food and culinary craft via the Seven Deadly Sins.

Guided by the truth of the ages that ‘where there is food there is folly’, Seven Deadly Sins and One Very Naughty Fruit, will leave you blushing as Mikey guides you through a chapter-by-chapter breakdown of our slavery to and expression of our appetites:

GREED includes the tale of Antony and Cleopatra’s love of wild boar, whereby they cooked eight carcasses in pursuit of the one perfect roast.

In GLUTTONY, Mikey shares tales that include Elvis’s late-night cross-country sandwich runs and his own life-long battle with weight.

LUST details aphrodisiacs, curious contraceptives and the underground phenomenon that is ‘sploshing’.

SLOTH charts the curious evolution of the fork and the etiquette of flatulence.

WRATH tells of sausage duels and poisonous spite, while

PRIDE reveals some of the most arrogant dinner hosts in history and how the once-humble chef has achieved rock-god status.

And round out your culinary journey with a dose of ENVY, which follows the pineapple’s unlikely rise to become one of the greatest status symbols of Western civilisation and explains why having coffee with your ex might be risky, but having dinner is never a good idea.

Co-author of two previous books, this is Mikey’s first solo book. As Mikey says, ‘I am not a historian, nor am I a chef, and I’m definitely not a theologian. But I was once a fat Catholic ten-year-old whose only two regular appointments outside of school were Mass on a Sunday and a Weight Watchers meeting on a Wednesday, so I got indoctrinated into associating pleasure with guilt from an early age.’

Mikey is one of Australia’s most loved personalities. He spent seven years as the host of Triple J’s National Breakfast Show before appearing as team leader on the smash hit TV series Good News Week. He has written for The Daily Telegraph, GW and Men’s Style and co-authored the books Three Beers and a Chinese Meal (with Helen Razor) and Big Man’s World (with Tony Squires and The Sandman). This is his first solo book.

Seven Deadly Sins and One Very Naughty Fruit by Mikey Robins is published by Simon & Schuster (Sydney, NWS; Nov 2018; Hc; 368pp; RRP A$35). Available at all good bookstores from 1 November.

It can also be purchased online via booko.com.au »


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October 22nd, 2018
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