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Joins the Fermentum Family of Businesses with Stone and Wood Brewing

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Forest for the Trees Saison

Forest for the Trees Saison [©Forest for the Trees]

Forest For The Trees Saison 750ml
Forest for the Trees brewer Brad Rogers


Forest for the Trees is an exciting new brewing business dedicated to farmhouse, sour and wild beer styles.

It will join Stone & Wood Brewing Company, Fixation Brewing, Square Keg and Granite Belt Cider in the Fermentum Family of Businesses.

The new venture is led by the accomplished brewer and industry legend, Brad Rogers.

Whilst Brad is best known for his influence on Australian beer with Stone & Wood’s Pacific Ale, after ten years of leading the brewing at Australia’s most successful independent brewery he has now handed over the brewing reins at Stone & Wood to further explore the style closest to his heart.

A qualified winemaker from Roseworthy Agricultural College who held an irresistible attraction to brewing, Brad was fascinated throughout his career by the alignment between the two callings, a fascination that grew into a passion for farmhouse beer styles.

During his time as Head Brewer of Matilda Bay in the early 2000’s, Brad was already experimenting with farmhouse styles and brewed one of the first commercially available Saisons in Australia under the Barking Duck label, which went on to win bronze at the prestigious 2006 World Beer Cup.

Today we see this passion come to life with Forest for the Trees. Its first release will be a Saison, a contemporary take on a very traditional Belgian farmhouse beer style.

Undeniably zesty, Saisons are complex beers traditionally brewed to deliberately provide the ultimate refreshment. With their subtle aromas of spice and yeasty esters, Saisons are beer’s closest cousin to white wine, sharing aromatically-driven delicate characters similar to Riesling and Pinot Gris.

Historically when Saisons were brewed they reflected the origins of their region and the local ingredients that were available. The local water source, the malts that grew nearby and the hops and spices that could be gathered came together in humble and simple harmony.

Yeast, the most often-understated influence in brewing, was naturally provided from the farmhouse environment.

These styles of beers are simple, honest and true to both the people and the place they came from.

Forest for the Trees Saison pours best into a large, stemmed glass, giving a vibrant straw-like fluorescence and a dense white head. Complex and intriguing aromas of spices with mixed fruit is met with a clean malt backbone across the palate, before finishing refreshingly dry and zesty.

Brad has lots of treasures in the works and next year will see the release of a barrel aged Saison, along with other farmhouse styles.

Currently brewed at Stone & Wood in Byron Bay, Forest for the Trees will eventually have a home of its own to welcome people and to further share Brad’s love for farmhouse ales, with location opportunities currently being explored.

Forest for the Trees Saison is now available in 750ml bottles in very limited quantities via Square Keg.

Forest for the Trees is dedicated to brewing farmhouse ales, handcrafted for savouring simple times.


  • North Coast NSW (NSW)

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February 04th, 2019
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