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GABS Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers of 2018 Top Ten

GABS Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers of 2018 Top Ten [©The Crafty Pint]

Stone & Wood Brewing Company Pacific Ale
Award-winning beer from the Snowy Mountains Brewery
Scotch Ale, Red Hill Brewery, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria
Hops at the Red Hill Brewery, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria


Now in its eleventh year, the GABS Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers poll shines a powerful spotlight on the trends, brands and breweries shaping the booming craft beer industry.

From a field comprising some 2,350 beers from more than 260 breweries these beers were voted the top 100:

1: Balter XPA (Pale Ale) QLD   (1)

2: Stone & Wood Brewing Co PACIFIC ALE (Australian Pale Ale) NSW   (2)

3: BentSpoke Brewing Co CRANKSHAFT (American IPA) ACT   (3)

4: Young Henrys NEWTOWNER (Australian Pale Ale) NSW   (4)

5: Bridge Road Brewers BEECHWORTH PALE ALE (Australian Pale Ale) VIC   (5)

6: Balter IIPA (Imperial IPA) QLD NEW  (6)

7: Balter IPA (American IPA) QLD   (7)


9: Hop Nation JEDI JUICE (New England IPA) VIC  GABS (9)

10: Gage Roads Brewing Co SINGLE FIN (Australian Pale Ale) WA   (10)

11: BentSpoke Brewing Co BARLEY GRIFFIN (Australian Pale Ale) ACT   (11)

12: BentSpoke Brewing Co CLUSTER 8 (Imperial IPA) ACT NEW  (12)

13: Your Mates Brewing Co LARRY (Australian Pale Ale) QLD   (13)

14: Black Hops Brewery PALE ALE (Australian Pale Ale) QLD   (14)

15: Capital Brewing Co COAST ALE (California Common) ACT   (15)

16: BentSpoke Brewing Co SPROCKET (American IPA) ACT   (16)

17: Coopers Brewery ORIGINAL PALE ALE (Australian Pale Ale) SA   (17)

18: Big Shed Brewing Concern BOOZY FRUIT (New England IPA) SA NEW GABS (18)

19: Balter CAPTAIN SENSIBLE (American Pale Ale) QLD NEW  (19)

20: Green Beacon Brewing Co WINDJAMMER (American IPA) QLD   (20)

21: Capital Brewing Co ROCK HOPPER (American IPA) ACT NEW  (21)

22: Coopers Brewery SESSION ALE (Pale Ale) SA   (22)

23: BentSpoke Brewing Co RED NUT (Red IPA) ACT NEW  (23)

24: Balter STRONG PALE ALE (American Pale Ale) QLD NEW  (24)

25: Philter XPA (Australian Pale Ale) NSW   (26)

26: Capital Brewing Co TRAIL PALE ALE (American Pale Ale) ACT   (27)

27: Stone & Wood Brewing Co CLOUD CATCHER (Australian Pale Ale) NSW   (28)

28: Jetty Road Brewery PALE ALE (American Pale Ale) VIC   (29)

29: Young Henrys NATURAL LAGER (Kellerbier) NSW   (31)

30: Modus Operandi Brewing Co SONIC PRAYER (American IPA) NSW   (32)

31: Modus Operandi Brewing Co FORMER TENANT (Red IPA) NSW   (33)

32: Hemingway's Brewery PITCHFORK BETTY'S (American Pale Ale) QLD   (34)

33: The Welder's Dog Brewery FARMHOUSE GINGER BEER (Ginger/Spiced Beer) NSW   (35)

34: Dainton Brewery BLOOD ORANGE NERIPA (New England IPA) VIC   (36)

35: 10 Toes Brewery PIPELINE (Australian Pale Ale) QLD   (37)

36: Grifter Brewing Co PALE (Australian Pale Ale) NSW   (38)

37: The Welder's Dog Brewery AUSTRALIAN WHEAT ALE (American Wheat) NSW NEW  (39)

38: One Mile Brewery 4:21 (Kölsch) NT   (41)

39: The Welder's Dog Brewery INDIA PALE ALE (Australian IPA) NSW NEW  (42)

40: Black Hops Brewery HORNET (American IPA) QLD   (43)

41: Thirsty Crow VANILLA MILK STOUT (Sweet Stout) NSW   (45)

42: Coopers Brewery SPARKLING ALE (Australian Sparkling Ale) SA   (46)

43: Bridge Road Brewers BEECHY SUMMER ALE (Australian Pale Ale) VIC   (47)

44: Burleigh Brewing TWISTED PALM (Australian Pale Ale) QLD   (48)

45: Capital Brewing Co EVIL EYE (Red IPA) ACT   (49)

46: Hop Nation THE DAWN (New England IPA) VIC NEW  (50)

47: One Mile Brewery RDO (Pale Ale) NT   (51)

48: Akasha Brewing Company HOPSMITH (American IPA) NSW   (52)

49: Fortitude Brewing Co PACER (American Pale Ale) QLD   (54)

50: Moon Dog Craft Brewery OLD MATE (American Pale Ale) VIC   (55)

51: Green Beacon Brewing Co WAYFARER (Pale Ale) QLD   (56)

52: Gage Roads Brewing Co LITTLE DOVE (American Pale Ale) WA   (57)

53: Akasha Brewing Company KORBEN D. (Imperial IPA) NSW   (59)

54: Colonial Brewing Co PALE ALE (American Pale Ale) VIC   (60)

55: Capital Brewing Co SUMMIT SESSION XPA (Pale Ale) ACT NEW  (61)

56: CoConspirators Brewing THE MATRIARCH (New England IPA) VIC   (63)

57: Wayward Brewing Co RASPBERRY BERLINER WEISSE (SOURPUSS) (Berliner Weisse) NSW   (64)

58: Balter PILSNER (Classic Pilsner) QLD   (65)

59: Gage Roads Brewing Co ATOMIC (American Pale Ale) WA   (66)

60: 10 Toes Brewery LONGBOARD LAGER (Australian Pilsner) QLD   (67)

61: Moon Dog Craft Brewery BEER CAN (Hoppy Lager) VIC   (68)

62: 10 Toes Brewery HAPPY DAYS (American IPA) QLD NEW  (70)

63: Burleigh Brewing BIGHEAD (Pale Lager) QLD   (71)

64: Nail Brewing VPA (Pale Ale) WA   (72)

65: One Mile Brewery NO LIMITS (American IPA) NT   (73)

66: Green Beacon Brewing Co 3 BOLT (American Pale Ale) QLD   (74)

67: Jetty Road Brewery INDIA PALE ALE (American IPA) VIC NEW  (76)

68: Brouhaha Brewery STRAWBERRY RHUBARB SOUR (Kettle Sour) QLD   (77)

69: Grifter Brewing Co SERPENTS KISS (Fruit Beer) NSW   (78)

70: Blackman's Brewery JUICY BANGER (Hoppy Lager) VIC   (80)

71: One Mile Brewery OTTO'S (Irish Amber/Red) NT   (82)

72: Mornington Peninsula Brewery SQUID RISING (New England IPA) VIC NEW  (83)

73: Modus Operandi Brewing Co DREAM WEAVER (New England IPA) NSW NEW  (84)

74: Mornington Peninsula Brewery SQUID SUPREMACY (New England IPA) VIC NEW  (85)

75: 3 Ravens JUICY IPA (New England IPA) VIC   (86)

76: Bridge Road Brewers BLING IPA (American IPA) VIC   (87)

77: Black Hops Brewery SUPER HORNET (Imperial IPA) QLD   (88)

78: Young Henrys SUMMER HOP ALE (Australian IPA) NSW   (89)

79: Big Shed Brewing Concern GOLDEN STOUT TIME (Sweet Stout) SA  GABS (90)

80: Fixation Brewing Co FIXATION IPA (American IPA) VIC   (91)

81: Batch Brewing Co PASH THE MAGIC DRAGON (Kettle Sour) NSW   (92)

82: Your Mates Brewing Co DONNIE (Porter) QLD   (93)

83: Young Henrys MOTORCYCLE OIL (Porter) NSW   (94)

84: Young Henrys AFENDS HEMP IPA (Specialty Beer) NSW NEW  (95)

85: Colonial Brewing Co SOUTH WEST SOUR (Hoppy Sour) VIC NEW  (96)

86: Capital Brewing Co HANG LOOSE JUICE (New England IPA) ACT NEW  (97)

87: Sauce Brewing Co TRUBBLE & SQUEAK (New England IPA) NSW NEW GABS (98)

88: Sauce Brewing Co BUBBLE & SQUEAK (New England IPA) NSW NEW  (99)

89: Colonial Brewing Co IPA (Australian IPA) VIC   (101)

90: Coopers Brewery VINTAGE ALE (2018) (Winter Seasonal Beer) SA NEW  (102)

91: Young Henrys STAYER (MID) (Hoppy Lager) NSW NEW  (103)

92: Bridge Road Brewers LITTLE BLING (Session IPA) VIC   (104)

93: Mismatch Brewing Co SESSION ALE (Session IPA) SA   (105)

94: Green Beacon Brewing Co 7 BELLS (Gose) QLD   (106)

95: Moon Dog Craft Brewery SPLICE OF HEAVEN PINE-LIME (Milkshake IPA) VIC   (107)

96: Modus Operandi Brewing Co PALE (American Pale Ale) NSW   (108)

97: Tumut River Brewing Co GINJA NINJA (Fruit Beer) NSW   (109)

98: Jetty Road Brewery DRAUGHT (Classic Pilsner) VIC NEW  (110)

99: TWØBAYS Brewing Co PALE ALE (American Pale Ale) VIC NEW  (111)

100: Bad Shepherd Brewing Co HAZELNUT BROWN ALE (UK Brown Ale) VIC   (112)


  • * Brewed by an independent brewery (as defined by the Independent Brewers Association)
  • NEW Brewed for the first time in 2018
  • GABS A ‘Festival Beer’ brewed especially for GABS Beer, Cider & Food Fest
  • (###) Position in the main results of GABS Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers of 2018 poll


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February 11th, 2019
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