PAIRED: Champagne & Sparkling Wines by Fran Flynn and David Stevens-Castro »

Want to know what foods to match with Champagne or sparkling wine?

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<i>PAIRED: Champagne & Sparkling Wines</i> by Fran Flynn and David Stevens-Castro

PAIRED: Champagne & Sparkling Wines by Fran Flynn and David Stevens-Castro

Manchego Cheese Croquetas, PAIRED - Champagne and sparkling wines
Mini Chicken Empanadas, PAIRED - Champagne and sparkling wines
Moscato, PAIRED - Champagne and sparkling wines
Sabrage, PAIRED - Champagne and sparkling wines


Food and wine pairing has traditionally been reserved for the minority, but not any more, now all you need is taste buds and a sense of adventure. These delicious recipes, presented by wine expert David Stevens-Castro and food photographer Fran Flynn, create a foundation to share your new skill with aplomb.

Leave your comfort zone behind, try the unexpected and bask in discoveries that your taste buds will be forever grateful for.

PAIRED: Champagne & Sparkling Wine is a beautifully presented full colour recipe book that will encourage and support you to discover the pleasure of matching food and wine for yourself.

This first volume showcases sparkling wines of all styles, and challenges usual perceptions by offering tantalising home-cooked recipes for every course of a meal.

Renowned award-winning wine expert Tyson Stelzer contributes a foreword and discusses the current trends in champagne and sparkling wine consumption.

The book is divided into eight sections with a lighthearted and accessible style of language aimed at everyone with an interest in food and wine pairing. The first, fully illustrated section, gives detailed guidance to set you on the right path to understanding matching food and wine for yourself. It also provides information to demystify terminology and explain wine labelling.

The balance of the book is divided into seven chapters. Each chapter showcases a style of sparkling wine, provides a beautiful visual explanation of the countries those wines come from, supplies a special cheese match for the topical wine, and finally several recipes that will pair with the topical variety.

Every simple recipe - all of which are illustrated with full colour photographs - is introduced by Fran, while David narrates some pairing suggestions. 'Hot tips' also features throughout the book, dispelling common misconceptions about wine. There is a broad range of dishes suitable for sharing and entertaining and suggestions on how you can introduce your friends to food and wine matching too.

Overall an informative, enjoyable and absorbing read, that can take pride of place on your coffee table and make many trips to your kitchen.

PAIRED: Champagne & Sparkling Wines has won a number of awards »

PAIRED: Champagne & Sparkling Wines is self published (2016; Qld, HB, pp, RRP A$37.99. It can be be ordered direct from the publishers at It is also available from good book stores nationwide and internationally on

David Stevens-Castro grew up in Chile playing in the vineyards of his grandfather's farm. He was also inspired by his aunt and uncle who had a wine analysis laboratory. Fast forward a few decades, with a degree in Agricultural Science under his belt (specialising in wine and fruit production) and a passion for food and wine in his belly, David set out exploring Australia and enriched his career as a sommelier in several five star locations. These days he is a highly respected, award winning, wine expert, whose admirable palate is regularly employed for food and wine selection and menu design as well as critiquing wines and writing wine articles for many publications.

Fran Flynn honed her skills in all things creative in the Emerald Isle of Ireland before setting off on many adventures that meandered her through five different continents. After working her way up through creative agencies, this award winning photographer and designer settled in Australia and has now run her own successful creative studio for over ten years. Their worlds collided in the sunny, romantic town of Byron Bay and eight years later – now based in the Gold Coast – they have combined their skills to present what they know and love the most: food and wine, with a narrative style that is unique, compelling and accessible to everyone.

PAIRED Media is a boutique publishing company that has been founded by the couple to support this and future publications.


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December 23rd, 2016
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