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In award-winning book from chef and author Eloise Emmett

By Laura McKinnon
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Bream Creek Farmers Market Cookbook - oysters

Bream Creek Farmers Market Cookbook - oysters

<i>Seafood Everyday</i> by Eloise Emmett
Bangor Wine and Oyster Shed
Crayfish, Hobart - Tourism Tasmania and Nick Osborne


Eloise Emmett's book Seafood Everyday has just won two national Gourmand World Cookbook Awards: one for Best Fish and Seafood Cookbook and and the other for Best Cookbook by a Woman Chef. Showcasing Tasmanian produce and scenery, the book brings seafood recipes for more economical species of fish along with special occasion dining.

Seafood Everyday has been inspired by the seafood Eloise Emmett has been exposed to all of her life. Her grandfather, father and husband are all fishermen. She has also been the chef and owner of a restaurant named The Mussel Boys, and since 2012 she has been writing and photographing recipes for her website

Eloise also authored and co-authored two previous cookbooks: The Real Food for Kids cookbook and The Bream Creek Farmers’ Market cookbook.

Seafood Everyday is categorised in ways that would likely appeal to seafood lovers:

  • shellfish
  • pantry staples
  • economical fish meals
  • cephalopods, premium species and
  • crayfish.

Oysters feature quite prominently as part of the shellfish category, and if you are a fan of oysters there are some fantastic recipes – Tempura Oysters with Asian Dipping Sauce is certainly a highlight. The recipes include heartier meals as well, like Garlic Buttered Scallops on Fillet Steak with Hollandaise.

There are many different food types that feature seafood, giving this cookbook some leniency in terms of broadening its scope of catering to people who might not be big seafood lovers or perhaps to those who can be a little cautious of seafood.

In some instances Emmett seems to be luring foodies in with meals that have a great deal of familiarity, but this time round feature seafood as an ingredient. There is a Salmon Omelette; a Smoked Salmon Pizza; a Salmon Casserole; Laksa; Fish Tortillas; Lasagna and the list goes on.

However, there are certainly some meals worthy of being found in a higher end restaurant – Pan-fried Fish with a Blue Cheese and Potato Gratin and Cauliflower Puree is one such example.

Overall, Seafood Everyday is a fantastic cookbook for those who love seafood – it features many different types of recipes using seafood in both familiar and unfamiliar ways. For those new to cooking with seafood this would be an excellent entry level cookbook, and for those more advanced there are recipes that require a bit more effort.

It is beautifully presented and would make a worthy addition to cookbook collections wherever you live (the recipes are adaptable to other species). And the photography is almost certain to make you want to visit Tasmania.

Read the press release for Seafood Everyday here »

Seafood Everyday wins two national Gourmand World Cookbook Awards »


Seafood Everyday by Eloise Emmett is self published (Tas, Nov 2016; sc, 192.pp) and retails in Australia for RRP A$34.95. It is available where good books are sold in Tasmania and can be ordered direct from the author here »


  • East Coast and Tasman Peninsula (TAS)

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January 31st, 2017
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