Smoke danger for vulnerable Tasmanian vineyards as vintage 2017 wraps up

Online guide has been release to show which vineyard could be affected

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Wine Tasmania

Wine Tasmania


The state’s peak wine body, Wine Tasmania, has reminded land holders about the risk posed to vineyards from smoke as the 2017 vintage nears its conclusion.

“The majority of wine grapes has now been harvested for 2017, however there are still some of the later ripening grape varieties on the vine and due to be picked over the next 3-4 weeks”, said Chief Executive Sheralee Davies.

“Wine grapes are extremely susceptible to smoke taint, which can render wines unpalatable and therefore unsaleable. Their vulnerability grows through the ripening phase and up to the time of harvest, and the resultant can be devastating for grape growers that have spent the past year tirelessly managing their vineyards.”

“With the conclusion of the statutory permit period, we are encouraging both commercial and private land holders to be cognisant of the potential risks to vineyards which are likely to be impacted by smoke.”

“The support and communication with fire agencies, including the Tasmania Fire Service, Forestry Tasmania and the Parks and Wildlife Service, has been exceptional during the 2017 season, as we all cooperate to both protect the livelihood of Tasmanian grape growers as well as the public through the fuel reduction activities of these agencies.”

“If you are undertaking burning during this period and have nearby vineyards that may be impacted by smoke, we would encourage you to speak with the vineyard owners or Wine Tasmania to assess and mitigate the potential risk to vineyards.”

Wine Tasmania has developed a map showing vineyard locations, as well as a fact sheet on the impact of smoke to wine grapes. Both can be accessed at Alternatively, enquiries can be directed to Wine Tasmania’s Technical & Extension Officer, Paul Smart on 03 6223 3770 or e-mail


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