MONA's Project X artworks entice visitors back to the Huon Valley

After bushfires ravaged Tasmania's South earlier this year

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<i>Girl on Bridge</i> - Hastings Cave Reserve, Project X

Girl on Bridge - Hastings Cave Reserve, Project X [©Rémi Chauvin]

<i>Bloke looking to side</i> - Artist Jimmy Cauty creator of Aftermath Dislocation Principle
<i>people looking into painted container</i> - Aftermath Dislocation Principle by artist Jimmy Cauty
<i>Stairs into pool in bush</i> - Hrafn: Conversations with Odin by artist Chris Watson
<i>Bloke sitting in forest</i> by Chris Watson creator of Hrafn: Conversations with Odin


Come see Tasmania's South in a different light with immersive artworks from Mona's Darklab team

After bushfires ravaged Tasmania's South earlier this year, Mona’s DarkLab began working on a project to entice visitors back to support the locals and to discover that art can be discovered in any environment.

Named Project X, this series of immersive public artworks in the Huon Valley has Mona’s distinctive feel with British sound artist Chris Watson presenting Hrafn Conversations with Odin in the forests followed by Jimmy Cauter's Aftermath Dislocation Principle.


Hrafn: Conversations With Odin - Chris Watson With The Wired Lab

After a sell-out season during Dark Mofo 2019, Hrafn: Conversations with Odin by British sound artist Chris Watson with The Wired Lab continues its season, inviting audiences to take a journey into the deep, dark wilds of the far south.

Hrafn: Conversations with Odin invites Tasmanians and visitors alike to make their own way down to  Hastings Caves State Reserve at dusk, three nights a week (August through to October) to experience this unique artwork, even staying a night or two in the Huon Valley to explore other attractions in the area.

Upon arrival, visitors follow a guide into the trees, and experience Hrafn (Old Norse for ‘raven’), a multi-channel ambisonic sound installation presenting the remarkable phenomenon of 2000 ravens coming in to roost—an avian exchange of sound not usually witnessed by humans.

Event details:

  • Thursday–Saturday, at dusk (times vary throughout the season)
  • Until 26 October 2019
  • At Hastings Caves State Reserve, Southern Tasmania
  • Meet at Hastings Caves Visitor Centre 15 minutes prior to start time
  • $45 / $25 for Tasmanians  |  Under 15s free
  • Tickets » 

About the artists:

Chris Watson was a founding member of the influential Sheffield based experimental music group Cabaret Voltaire during the 1970s and early 1980s. His sound recording career began in 1981 when he joined Tyne Tees Television, and developed towards recording the wild sounds natural habitats around the world.

His work features in David Attenborough’s Life series including The Life of Birds as well as with David Attenborough on the BBC’s series Frozen Planet which won a BAFTA Award for ‘Best Factual Sound’ (2012). His installations have been commissioned internationally by The National Gallery in London, The Louvre in Paris, the Aichi Triennial in Japan and Unsound in Kraków, and many more.

The Wired Lab is an artist-led organisation evolving interdisciplinary art practices in rural Australia, dedicated to creating opportunities for the research, production and presentation of projects that connect international and local artists with communities in new ways, producing outcomes of both local and global relevance.

About the venue:

Hastings Caves and Therma Springs in the Huon Valley (Southern Trove) is a 90-minute drive south of Hobart. Formed millions of years ago, the dolomite cave is one of two show caves found in Australia, featuring spectacular subterranean formations including flowstone, stalactites, columns, shawls, straws, stalagmites and the unusual helictites.

Guided tours with the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service take visitors inside the cave, with 250 stairs equipped with handrails, and no narrow passages. Outside, visitors may swim in Hastings Caves Thermal Springs, a tepid 28 degrees Celsius despite often very cool outdoor temperatures. Forest and ferns with picnic/barbecue areas surround the pool, with change room amenities and a Visitor Centre offering light snacks and souvenirs.


Aftermath Dislocation Principle - Jimmy Cauty

Dark Mofo 2019 introduced English artist Jimmy Cauty’s ‘The Aftermath Dislocation Principle’ (ADP) to audiences in Hobart.

Now it’s set to embark on a 12-month tour of Southern Tasmania as part of Project X. Six towns in the Huon Region will host the ADP tour for up to two months at each location, beginning in Geeveston this September and carrying on to Southport, Dover, Franklin, Huonville and Cygnet.

The ADP is an intricate artwork set inside a 40-foot shipping container. Viewers can peer through holes at a vast mythical English landscape modelled in a miniature scale of 1:87, a town frozen in the aftermath of a riot and lit by the flashing strobes of emergency service vehicles. The 3000 model police are the only remaining occupants of this apocalyptic aftermath.

Community engagement in each exhibition location will include inviting local school children to participate as invigilators, dubbed the ‘Children of the Aftermath’, plus commissioning a Tasmanian writer to work with local historians and community groups for site-specific interpretive ‘RIOT Pamphlets’, and coordinating other public events and activations.

DarkLab Creative Director Leigh Carmichael said, “ADP was a highlight of Dark Mofo this year and its international profile will continue to draw visitors to the region for an extended period.”

Location 1
Corner of Brady and Church Street, Geeveston, TAS
From Friday 6 September 2019 through to November
Then on tour to: Southport, Dover, Franklin, Huonville, Cygnet


About Project X and DarkLab
Project X is an intiative by Darklab, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mona that works on creative projects and developments that sit outside the normal sphere of Mona. Mona (Museum of Old and New Art) is the largest privately-funded museum in Australia and a significant contributor to the Tasmanian economy, particularly in the sectors of Tourism, Arts, and Hospitality.

Project X is supported by the Australian government and the Tasmanian government through Tourism Tasmania, and Mona. DarkLab acknowledges the support of Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service, and Events Tasmania.


  • Huon and Channel (TAS)

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