Blue Derby Pods Ride launched in North East Tasmania »

A three day soft adventure mountain biking experience

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Gathering for the Ride, Blue Derby Pods Ride

Gathering for the Ride, Blue Derby Pods Ride [©Natalie Mendham]

Taking the time to enjoy the scenery, Blue Derby Pods Ride
Safety First, Blue Derby Pods Ride
Tasty picnic lunch with all the trimmings, Blue Derby Pods Ride
Just admiring the ferns, Blue Derby Pods Ride


Blue Derby Pods Ride is a three-day, soft adventure mountain biking experience that combines Tasmania’s world-class Blue Derby trail network with unique, private pod accommodation and exceptional Tasmanian food and wine.

Each day of your fully-guided adventure, your Experience Leaders will take you safely through the acclaimed Blue Derby trails. After a morning’s exhilarating riding, you’ll coast in to your gourmet picnic lunch stop in north-east Tasmania’s stunning Cascade River Valley, feeling invigorated, refreshed and empowered, having conquered another stage of one of the world’s newest and best mountain biking trails.

Your tastebuds will be treated to a delicious al-fresco lunch filled with local Tasmanian fare. In the afternoon your options are endless – continue your exploration of the trails, or simply relax and soak up the natural atmosphere of this superb setting. Whichever option you choose, you’ll finish the day at private and distinctive accommodation pods, hidden in the midst of the Blue Derby Trail network.

The hardest decision you’ll face from here is which wine to sample while your Experience Leaders prepare your evening meal. Toast your day’s adventures as you indulge in a gourmet dinner, after which you can spend your starlit evening contemplating the next day’s excitement. As the night deepens, and laughter settles, you’ll retreat to your cosy sleeping quarters, nestled within the bush.

As you roll in to your picnic lunch in the stunning Cascade River Valley in north-east Tasmania you’ll feel invigorated, refreshed and empowered, having conquered the first half day of your three-day mountain biking experience in the world-class Blue Derby trail network. Your Experience Leaders will sedately guide you through the trails, or shred some challenging berms and terrain with you if that’s more your type of adventure.

After tickling your tastebuds over a lunch filled with local Tasmanian fare, your options for an afternoon adventure are endless – keep on riding the unexplored areas or just stay put and soak up the natural atmosphere. Whichever option you take, you’ll finish each day at your private and cosy quarters situated in the heart of the bush trail network. The hardest decision you’ll need to make from here is choosing which wine to indulge in while your experience leaders prepare dinner.


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December 07th, 2016
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