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<i>Flavours of South Australia</i> by Smudge Publishing

Flavours of South Australia by Smudge Publishing [©Smudge Publishing]

<i>Flavours of New South Wales</i> by Smudge Publishing
<i>Flavours of Bali</i> by Smudge Publishing
<i>Flavours of Victoria</i> by Smudge Publishing


Curl up with a glass of your favourite beverage and one of these beauties to be transported to the wondrous cafes, restaurants, farms and wineries of your chosen destination. The Flavours of series from Smudge Publishing is made up of magnificent books full of tales of delicious food and wine, amazing journeys and spectacular photos.

We have four books to be won and you get to choose which one you want to win: Flavours of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia or that favourite tropical holiday destination, Bali.  

Here's more on each of these beautiful books:

Flavours of Bali

This book takes you to a Bali beyond the usual tourist perception of this Indonesian island. It's now one of the leading culinary destinations in the Asia Pacific region with many exceptional international chefs setting up and calling it home. They have not only inspired the locals to take to their own kitchens and restaurants but encouraged them to farm more sustainably and inventively.

What this means for the traveller is having a glorious choice of food options to mix in with the colours and tropical feel of Bali. Starting with background on Balinese culture, Flavours of Bali then takes you behind the scenes with the island's best chefs.

From here you wander the regions from Northern Seminyak to Bukit Peninsula and places in between visiting restaurants, cafes and bars, meeting the people and dreaming of how it would feel to be there amongst the tremendous colours and flavours. And then there's the recipes to try that give you a taste of the restaurants...

You'll quickly be saying "pass the passport and take me to Bali"!

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Flavours of Victoria

There's a new and exciting feel to the producers in Victoria: farmers giving their livestock room to live, producers achieving organic status, elegant cheese and butters, apples becoming cider and hops jumping into beer whilst native ingredients infuse their unique flavours to spirits. The vineyards are producing world-class wines enjoyed at even more cellar doors and chefs are serving up dishes, fresh and local, simple and complex.

From Melbourne most of the the regions are reachable for day trips but with so many experiences for the tastebuds to delight in, full immersion is highly recommended. Understand the scope: Flavours of Victoria is over 500 pages bursting with colour, people, passion and food, glorious food. 

Your biggest decision after pouring your beverage of choice ready for the first sit down with this book will be which of the six regions to land on first. And then, it's checking your calendar for that next weekend away...

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Flavours of New South Wales

 A weighty treasure chest of the culinary best from regional NSW. From the mountains of blue to the seaside lifestyle of Byron, the grape-filled lands of the Hunter and Central Ranges, the journey is one full of foodie masterpieces, small and large.

Recipes that reflect their point on the land - Chilli as Anything from Byron and Ballina Prawns - along with food from paddock next door Spice Crusted Milly Hill Lamb and Creek Venison Loin. These are just a few of the heavenly dishes that leap from the pages, their images so mouth-watering you can almost smell them wafting through the air.

There are restaurants in old buildings and new, in towns, villages and out on the farm where paddock to plate is ridiculously close!

So make yourself comfortable at a table (this book is no lightweight), pour a drink, and jump between the delicious covers of Flavours of New South Wales!

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Flavours of South Australia

Food and wine are intrinsically woven into South Australia's identity. The rolling hills around the capital city to the rugged coastlines of the peninsulas, from the terra rossa of the Coonawarra to the red dust of the outback this state has an abundance of premium produce on offer. Then, of course, there's the wine... and not for naught was Adelaide proclaimed a Great Wine Capital of the world.

Be assured, it will take either a long visit or frequent visits to experience just a small part of what this state has in its rich culinary pack and exactly why Flavours of South Australia is a per-requisite for the traveller.

Your Flavours journey will take you from Adelaide to the Peninsulas - Yorke, Fleurieu and Eyre - to the Flinders Ranges, Kangaroo Island, Limestone Coast, Riverland and on to the valleys of Clare and Barossa. The sights captured in first-class colour and the stories and recipes telling of their people, restaurants and producers.

It will be so very easy to picture yourself seated at the restaurant table, that plate of deliciousness about to be served or perched at the bar, awaiting the first sip of that prized vintage wine or fine craft beer...

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June 01st, 2017
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