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Enjoying the waterside camping experience, Happy Glamper

Enjoying the waterside camping experience, Happy Glamper [©Happy Glamper]

Happy Glamper's caravan Peggy Sue in all her splendor
Get away and relax for the weekend
Enjoy the outdoors in style with Peggy Sue
Plenty of room and comfort in a Happy Glamper's Lotus Belle Tent


This Peninsula is a VisitVineyards favourite and when we came across the Happy Glamper, it seemed like a wonderful base for exploring the surrounding wine, food and many other highlights of the area. So where is this base? Wherever you like! It's also a way to relive those childhood camping memories but do it in style this time.

Do you have childhood memories of camping? Images and stories of all the fun stuff like the freedom of simply being outdoors, campfires and barbeques, making new friends and sleeping with the sounds of the bush or the sea around you.

So why then do so many people now find themselves dreaming of those days instead of doing it? Perhaps it’s getting all the equipment together? Or maybe we can’t afford the time spent to find and get to a selected location, argue with the tent poles and get tied up in ropes, wriggle into squishy sleeping bags and then suddenly remember all those practical items left on the bench at home. And then you have to pack everything up to take home and clean…

Clearly this is the appeal of glamping!

So what’s glamping? It’s a new and quickly growing trend of combining a bit of glamour with camping by offering the luxuries and amenities of home wrapped up in a comfortable campsite.

It’s where you can be close to nature but not have it joining you in bed and enjoy the creature comforts without the creatures! You can wander the beach at sunrise, enjoy a warm cuppa in a comfortable chair and serve up breakfast in style.

Where to glamp?

From the top end of the Northern Territory to southern Tasmania and all points east to west, glamping options are popping up across Australia.  From rugged wilderness to riverside edges and beaches the locations are usually quite amazing. But if you’re in Victoria, you don’t have far to travel to become a Happy Glamper.

The Mornington Peninsula is just an hour from Melbourne and offers wonderfully diverse things to do, see, taste and feel. From world-class wine and food to going barefoot on the beaches,  from diving into thermal hot springs to diving under the waves with a scuba tank. Walk a golf course or hike a bush track, surfing and national parks – it's yours for the choosing.

Jessie and Scott Curtis-Griffiths have lived and worked on the Peninsula for ten years so when they had to justify the cost of importing their vintage Airstream ‘Peggy Sue’ van, it seemed logical to share this lovely experience with visitors under the banner of Happy Glamper.

‘Miss Myrtle’ and bell tents were later added to the range, extending the accommodation options further.

Happy Glamping – how it works

  1. Choose a location on the glorious Mornington Peninsula – Jessie and Scott can help if you need it.
  2. Pick your dates and then pack your bags.
  3. When you arrive, 'Peggy Sue', 'Miss Myrtle' and/or your bell tent will be all set up in their stylish best awaiting to welcome you with chairs, books, magazines, board games, throws and more.
  4. Take your time to explore, relax, unwind, enjoy and create some memories around the Peninsula.
  5. Then pack your bags and leave the rest for Jessie and Chris to take care of!

Sounds easy and lots of fun to us! We're thinking that glamping with 'Peggy Sue' or 'Miss Myrtle' would make perfect base to explore and relax in one of our favourite locations, the magnificent Mornington Peninsula.


Happy Glampers also caters for special occasion events. More details on Happy Glampers here »

Scroll down for some suggested itineraries and places to eat, taste and enjoy 


  • Mornington Peninsula (VIC)

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September 28th, 2016
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