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With an exciting style of sparkling wine, bursting with refreshment

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A glass of Domaine Chandon's Spritzed Bitters

A glass of Domaine Chandon's Spritzed Bitters [©Domaine Chandon]

A Bottle of Domaine Chandon S


Afternoon drinks and ‘sundowners’ are part of our Australia's social fabric and people are always looking for new forms of refreshment. As the popularity of aperitifs and sparkling wines accelerates, Chandon has introduced an exciting new style of sparkling wine bursting with refreshment.

Inspired by the Champagne cocktail, Chandon S combines the crisp vibrancy of Chandon with a blend of hand crafted orange bitters to produce a light, sparkling cocktail for that ultimate aperitif refreshment.

Champagne cocktails first made their popular appearance in 1942 in the film Casablanca. Bending traditional sparkling rules, Chandon Australia looked to bring it back by combining aromatic bitters with the vinous character of Chandon sparkling.

“Our bitters exploration began by taking a broad view of aromatics,” explains Chandon Senior Winemaker Dan Buckle. “As winemakers, we specialise in blending ingredients to find the perfect flavour profile. For bitters, we simply expanded our ingredients list and with this came an explosion of flavour profile possibilities.”

After 18 months of bitters development and over 300kg of fruit, orange was selected as the primary bitters flavour due to its ability to deliver refreshment. Chandon Australia’s final orange bitters is a refreshing and aromatic blend of orange three ways and complex spices.

So what is the Chandon S experience like? Chandon S has all the signature elements of Chandon – fresh fruit flavours from our Australian vineyards, the combination of zesty and vibrant chardonnay with the more elemental red fruits and spices of pinot noir.

The acidity and balanced sweetness of the sparkling wine interplays with the unexpected bitterness of the orange and leaves a clean and moreish finish. It’s an aromatic and taste explosion of zingy orange and subtle spices.

To make a Chandon Twist

The Chandon Twist is the recommended serve for Chandon S. Simply pour 120ml of Chandon S into a stemless glass. Add ice up to 2cm from top of the glass and garnish with a twist of orange peel.


About Chandon Australia

Established in 1986, Chandon Australia is a premium wine brand with winery operations based in the Yarra Valley in Victoria, Australia.

Dedicated to creating méthode traditionnelle sparkling wine and premium quality, cool-climate still wines, the winery is wholly owned by Moët Hennessy, the French luxury wines and spirits company which is a key business group of LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton).


About bitters

Originally invented as a medical treatment, bitters is now recognised for flavouring some of our favourite cocktails. Bitters is traditionally an alcoholic preparation flavoured with botanical matter (e.g. aromatic herbs, bark, roots and fruit) to create a bitter, sour, or bittersweet flavour.

Bitters is usually made by infusing botanicals with a neutral alcoholic base that has no taste of its own, however some bitters are made with an alcoholic base that is similar to whisky or rum.

The 'orange' component of Chandon S bitters makes up 85% of the blend, the other 15% is composed of another five different spice extractions:

1. Fresh navel orange peel provides orange complexity, warmth and depth.

2. Blood orange peel brings blood orange intensity and colour to the blend.

3. Oven dried navel orange peel adds a bright, clean aromatic orange to the blend.

4. An exotic blend of gentian root, fresh ginger, vanilla pods, cinnamon quills and green cardamom pods.



  • Yarra Valley (Wine) (VIC)

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April 09th, 2018
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