Win wine, books, holidays, massages and more

Win fine wine from Huntington Estate

Reds that have had time to evolve and grow in elegance

Win wine, books, holidays, massages and more

It's winter, a time when the depth of colour and flavour of fine red wine combine in a glass, offering up aromas of lush berries, to be appreciated all the more, especially by firelight. Fine wine fulfills the senses and at Huntington Estate time is taken over every vine and every barrel to create wines that will evolve over time to grow in elegance and complexity.

So add some finesse to your fireside and enter now to win one of four mixed half cases of Huntington Estate's Bin 25 Cabernet Sauvignon and Bin 18 Shiraz »

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Enjoy great WINES

Win the brand new book The Crow Eaters

Add some fascinating insight to your wine travels in South Australia

Enjoy great WINES

Hitting the bookshops in early August is this fascinating and enjoyable dive into South Australia to uncover the stories, people and places that give this state its distinctive feel. From camping at Maralinga to seeing where The Murray Cods began their all conquering reign, you'll soon become engrossed in this easy and enjoyable read. Enter now to win one of three copies of The Crow Eaters and discover how much more than fantastic wine there is to South Australia! »

Win BOOKS, tickets and more

Win On Eating Meat by Matthew Evans

One of the most important food books in years

Win BOOKS, tickets and more

Matthew Evans' latest book is probably one of the most important food books in recent years. Hugh Mackay describes it as "compelling, illuminating and often confronting...". It's a discussion about what eating meat and conversely, not eating meat really means to the animals and the planet. It's hot off the press and written in Evans' easy to read style. Enter now and you could win a copy of On Eating Meat »

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