Wine, women and Warney

Max Crus
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A tutored tasting at Tyrrell's Wines, Hunter Valley, NSW

A tutored tasting at Tyrrell's Wines, Hunter Valley, NSW [©Hunter Valley Wine Country Tourism]

Who would have thought that wine, women and Warney would be the both the cause and the solution to the western world’s obesity problem? But to understand the obesity issue you’ve got to look at the bigger picture and they don’t come much bigger than when Shane is involved.

Statistics show that the nation’s children are getting bigger despite playing more sport than ever.

Absolute fatswaddle.

Kids are getting fatter and they are playing more ‘organised’ sport, but just look at the underlying conditions.

Sport used to be something you did after you’d been running around all week doing more interesting things like exploring, adventuring, inventing and vandalising.

Now sport is what kids do because their parents think an hour a week on the soccer field or cricket pitch will make up for eating fast food all week and spending five hours a day in front of a computer screen honing their play station skills, lest they be left behind in the technology stakes.

Furthermore even when they do play sport, a fair whack of kids want to be goalie. The rest want to be Shane Warne.

They no longer strive to be the fastest, strongest, or cleverest, they want to travel the world, drink beer, smoke cigarettes, bet on horses and, in the sporting world’s equivalent of the Muslim afterlife, be filmed on their mobiles bumping into a thousand busty blonde bimbos in five star hotels.

Okay, at least they will burn off a few more calories than a goalie, but who wants their kids drinking, smoking and betting?

But drinking could well be the key.

Everyone is aware of the healthy benefits of drinking red wine - how it helps reduce the risk of the bad aspects of obesity such as diabetes, heart attacks, stroke and social unacceptability - so why not simply lower the legal drinking age to eight and nip the obesity problem in the bud?

Even if it doesn’t at least we’ll feel better about it, and the kids will certainly sleep better.

Start your little darlings on these:

Tyrrell’s Rufus Stone McLaren Vale Shiraz, 2004, $25. Uncle G reports: “The legend behind this lip smacking drop claims an errant arrow felled a royal victim - one King William (Rufus) II. At 14.2 av a mere commoner could happily succumb without bloodshed, seduced by its full flavour emanating chocy plum. 8.5/10.”

Little Rebel Cabernet Merlot 2004, $18? What a refreshing change a 13.5 percent red can be and the kiddies will love it because it makes it easier to stay up late. 8.4/10.

Hungerford Hill Orange Merlot, 2004, $28. An F-Troop sort of wine..."I don't know why everyone says merlot is so dodgy". Rather drinkable in the end. 8.5/10.

Moorilla Estate (Tasmania) Sauvignon Blanc 2005, $25ish? “Apples”, suggested Little Ms L cleverly. She seems to be taking a greater interest in wine and food but I wonder what DOCS would think? S’fisticated stuff. 8.7/10.

Rutherglen Estates The Alliance 2005 Marsanne Viognier, $15. Marsanne and viognier have become a popular alliance and we should be grateful. Once can grow tired of sav blanc, semillon and chardy. 8/10.

Wines reviewed:
Tyrrell’s Rufus Stone McLaren Vale Shiraz, 2004, $25
Rutherglen Estates The Alliance 2005 Marsanne Viognier, $15
Moorilla Estate (Tasmania) Sauvignon Blanc 2005, $25ish
Hungerford Hill Orange Merlot, 2004, $28
Little Rebel Cabernet Merlot 2004, $18

© Max Crus

Column on the link between activity, wine and obesity published week beginning 30th June 2006.

Published in Cairns Post/Rockhampton Morning Bulletin/Northern Star Lismore)/Daily Examiner (Grafton)/Wagga Daily Advertiser/Geelong Advertiser.

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