Tasting notes: Hot curry blush – gear up for the rosé revolution

Try rosé to take the heat away

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Matthew Jukes and Tyson Stelzer, authors of Taste Food and Wine

Matthew Jukes and Tyson Stelzer, authors of Taste Food and Wine

Choose the right wine every time - Taste Food and Wine 2008 by Matthew Jukes and Tyson Stelzer


There's nothing better on a weekday evening than the best Indian takeaway you can find and a bottle (or two) of rosé.

According to the lads from Taste Food and Wine, nothing washes good Indian down better than a smooth, juicy glass of blush. Try their top 10.

[Yes, we know these vintage are now over and gone, but the taste matches haven't changed – just update to the current vintage, or look around for some more dry, 'textural' rosés hitting the shelves].


De Bortoli Windy Peak Cabernet Rosé 2007
The world needs more rosé at this price, especially when it’s as clean, fresh, juicy and DRY as Windy. Bouncing with flavours of freshly picked raspberries, strawberry hull and spice, this is a great quaffer to drink about rather than think about. You’ll swoon any crowd with this juice.


Deepwoods Estate Harmony Rosé 2007
Everybody needs a cheapie rosé in the fridge, ready to spring into action as a multi-talented partner to whatever happens to land on the table. The pure berry, fresh cherry and spice flavours of this clever shiraz-cabernet blend make it the perfect harmony with virtually anything (and anyone) that drops in unannounced.


Zonte’s Footstep Dry Rosé 2007
Crank up the Santana, unscrew a bottle of Zonte’s and get on with it. This fresh, red berry rosé doesn’t leave you with anything to think about except how long it will be until you pour your next glass.


Thorn-Clarke Sorriso Barossa Rosé 2006
‘Sorriso’ is ‘smile’ in Portuguese, and you’ll be smiling in any language when you get stuck into this spicy-berry-flavoured rosé. It’s got a good deal more interest than others at this price, thanks to its clever blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Nebbiolo.


Pizzini Rosetta Sangiovese Rosé 2007
If you’re serious about rosé, this is the place for you to get on board. Pizzini has put the Sangiovese into rosé, giving it real tang and a twist of spice on the finish. Now please put the “o” back in Sangiovese on the label.


Wirra Wirra Mrs Wigley Rosé 2007
Mrs Wigley is a cheery soul, sporting rosy cheeks and a hop, bounce and wobble in her jaunty little step! This wine is the same - ripe cherry fruit cascades on call, delightful squashy berries tumble free and cleanly scrubbed school children sing in perfect harmony when you pour this wine. In short, the world is a better place, thanks to Mrs Wigley.


Turkey Flat Rosé 2007
Turkey is still the leader in the top class rosé stakes on account of the savoury elements that are packed in alongside its unutterably fragrant strawberry and raspberry fruit. Like Charlie’s, this is another ‘light red’ rather than rosé wine (although Flat Turkey is a lot more feminine, elegant and perfumed than Charlie – thank goodness!). If you could only choose one wine to drink with the finest Indian cuisine imaginable, here is your date.


Charles Melton Rose of Virginia 2007
With succulent, bruised plum fruit, a gorgeous air of pomegranates and a mass of sweet and sour soy sauce moments, Charlie has bolted another turbo unit to the back of his beloved rosé (sorry, deep, rich, ‘red’ coloured wine) – and it is a joy to behold! Strap yourself in for a hilarious ride.


S.C. Pannell McLaren Vale Grenache Rosé 2007
Steve Pannell probably doesn’t really want a rosé in our line up ‘cos he makes such smart reds (read on). But this is just too much of a temptation for us. And besides, very few people understand Grenache the way he does. The result is a concoction of unnerving beauty and purity that tastes like the smell of your stained fingers when you’re picking wild strawberries and raspberries. It’s one of the few rosés that we’ve tried that would drink happily on its own. It would also waltz through any Indian dishes – and it will be drunk by men, too!


De Bortoli Yarra Valley Pinot Noir Rosé 2006
Our rosé list begins and ends with De Borts this year – this estate has extended its multitalents to conquer yet another kingdom! Pinot rosé is often such a let down – a half-hearted, bored, drag artist of a wine. But this wine isn’t because it screams Scissor Sister hits from the top of its voice and challenges you to spot the flaws in its make up – clue… there aren’t any. This extraordinary wine gives us the shivers. It tastes like the white hull where the stem meets a ripe strawberry, but it holds the illusion of sweetness from succulent ripe fruit – because it is actually quite dry (thankfully). When they sent it off for export, the customs girl apparently called to ask, “If this wine is 99.1% Pinot, is the rest rosé?” Give the poor girl a day off and a bottle of this to go with it!



 Reproduced with permission. © Copyright Matthew Jukes and Tyson Stelzer 2007

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